twitter-likesFacebook, YouTube, and Instagram – these are just few of the top social media platforms for fame, but there is another powerful platform that you can use to skyrocket your popularity – Twitter. Recently, some people even buy Twitter favorites, pay for followers, and devise other means for their own fifteen minutes (or more) of fame. The question is: Why are more people engaging in this practice nowadays?

On the Road to Becoming Twitter Famous

Like any other social media platform, Twitter is meant to be a convenient way to connect with friends across the world, and it also allows you to connect with “other fascinating people,” as their site description mentions. Plus, you get to digitally witness news and other interesting events from various points of globe – and that includes the unraveling of the Twitter famous.

Some notable people have gained fame from this social media platform without having to buy Twitter favorites or followers. For instance, there’s Alex Lee, the cute guy who works at Target. You may have seen his viral photo with the hashtag #alexfromtarget, which has been retweeted hundreds of thousands of times after a teenage girl took and uploaded his picture for her friend. He ended up guesting on Ellen Degeneres’ show and now gets paid to do product shout-outs (an advertising strategy of several companies) through Twitter.

There is also the Twitter handle called Sh*t My Dad Says ran by Justin Halpern. The social media sensation of sorts has garnered close to 3 million followers, even led to a TV show, and possibly got a couple of book deals.

Of course, let’s not forget the several celebrities who were able to maintain or revive their relevance because of their funny and relatable tweets. Some celebs tweet each other, post about their babies or partners, and throw puns at random issues or people, and their fans love them for those morsels of entertainment.

The Currency for Popularity

Twitter is like a nation, which exists on the internet, and its currency is comprised by favorites, retweets and followers. The more you get any of these three, the more you’re “rich” in the world of Twitter, and being “rich” here means being Twitter famous. Essentially, when you buy Twitter favorites and followers, you are investing in your prominence, which you can use for various purposes.

You can find sponsors or brands that you can advertise in exchange for cash or kind (in the form of freebies and supplies). You can also buy Twitter favorites or followers and use the digital platform to get leads for your business. It is all about creating a buzz and aiming for people to hear you out, which starts at garnering more favorites and followers.

It can be as easy as sharing your Twitter handle and shelling out a few dollars to buy Twitter favorites and legitimate followers. You just have to work with a stellar team who knows how the world of Twitter works, so you can successfully inch your way up the fame ladder.