Instagram is on fire, and everyone wants a shot at fame with this platform. But with millions of users, the sheer scale photo-sharing service makes boosting your standing on Instagram a bit daunting. Well, most people opt to buy Instagram followers (using third-party professional services) as the easy way to boost their numbers quickly. However, you can also break your way to online celebrity simply by following this ground-breaking tips:

1. Set your account to public

We create an account on Instagram to be seen, right? Then, it will be pointless to have it private because no one outside of your followers will be able to see what you are actually posting. So it’s imperative that you double-check to ensure your account is visible to the public.

2. Develop your niche

You can upload photos of anything on this platform, but which topic interests you most? It could be beauty and fashion, food, pets, video games, clothes etc. Develop a portfolio of the subject and try as much as possible to stay on topic in order to attract a good number of followers with similar interests. Though it’s generally advisable to create a portfolio based on one subject, it won’t do you any harm to experiment and expand with different subjects to determine the one that generates the most interest.

3. Take quality photos

Quality photo is king! Therefore, make sure to invest in a professional camera, or you can alternatively use a smartphone with a higher megapixel resolution to create more appealing shots.

4. Edit and filter your photos

Take advantage of the dozens of specialized apps out there to edit and filter your photos to ensure they are more captivating to the target audience. Even though Instagram has built-in-filters, they are rather limited. But that shouldn’t worry you because there are additional apps available for download, which can add even more depth to your photos. The most popular include VSCO Cam, Afterlight, Aviary, Prisma, or Snapseed. Just test out these apps and pick your favorite.

5. Perfect timing is everything!

Don’t post photos at anytime. You should make extra efforts to find out the best time to post your photos. Statigram Optimization tab is great tool to help you discover the perfect times and days to get the massive likes. This tool simply works by collecting your Instagram data and provides charts that show engagement analyses. For instance, your target audience may be more active on weekdays at 5pm, but on weekends they are highly active from 2pm-8pm. Just make sure you keep a record of all the best times to help you create a posting schedule that will give you the most likes.

6. You have to hashtag!

Hashtags are not an option on Instagram-you need to create a hashtag for every photo you upload. But how useful are hashtags? Well, the right hashtags give your photos exposure so that more people can easily find you. However, you have to be very thoughtful and always choose relevant hashtags that gather interest and make sense alongside your photo. You can take advantage of most popular hashtags, as long as they are not irrelevant to your photos.

Keep in mind that Instagram doesn’t inform its users about the most popular hashtags, but you can make use of third-parties like Webstagram to discover the trendiest hashtags. Also, you should pay close attention to more unusual tags that are day by day gaining more traction, such as #tbt (Throwback Thursday, a day for posting old photos), #flawless (looking your best), and #nofilter (unfiltered photos).

7. Connect your Instagram account to other social media accounts

Don’t underestimate the power of other social media sites on rocking your Instagram. By connecting with your social media accounts to your Instagram accounts, you will be able to gain more followers as well as get more views. If you share the photos you post on Instagram to Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare, and Flickr, your friends on these other platforms might be interested to check you on Instagram and start following you.

8. Engage with your audience

It feels good to receive compliments, but responding to your followers fosters loyalty. It’s equally important that you also follow other users, like, and even comment on photos. This way your followers may want to share your Instagram profile with other people, giving you even more followers.