Instagram is one of the most popular social networks in the world. With over 200 million active users a month, Instagram has definitely made a huge impact on people’s lives both on the Internet and the rest of the world in general. Today Instagram is no more just a tool for socializing between teenagers. Many businesses have taken to the social network for a wide array of customer centric campaigns. But whether you are using Instagram for personal or for business purposes, if you need to get famous on the site, then this guide will give you the insider tips that you need to succeed.
To Spend Money or Not?
You may be tempted to spend some money and to buy Instagram followers in order to become instafamous, but that is not always a good idea. There are lots and lots of offers out there promising to increase your follower base for just a few dollars. What they do anyway, is to use robots to add users and increase your follower base, but such users are not of much value, since a certain level of engagement from your followers is what matters, and not just the amount of followers you have.

The Fundamentals of Becoming Instafamous
In order to become instafamous, there are two basic aspects you will have to focus on. They are:
A. Your Profile
B. The Promotion
Your personality is made up of your profile page, picture and biography, it serves as your business card on Instagram. It is very important to create a great and appealing personality, because it is the closest that a potential follower will get to understanding who you are. In promotion, you will now focus on methods and activities that will draw more attention and recognition to your photos first, and then ultimately to your profile. This way you end up gaining followers, friends, fans, brand loyalists, or whatever it is that you desire from Instagram.

Step By Step Guide to Create a Great Profile

1. Choose an Appropriate Name
Whether you are developing this profile for personal or for business reasons, the most important thing to do, is to choose an appropriate name for your profile. The name has to be appealing to a wide variety of people. It should not be something difficult to remember or speak, neither should it be obscene nor totally out of touch. A great name should be interesting, welcoming, and if possible, a little fun. So take your time first to come up with a lovely name.

2. Nice Profile Picture
If you are creating a personal profile, then you will need to take a nice selfie to upload as your profile picture. The selfie has to either be fun, or interesting, or just have that special something about it, as long as it is not boring. If you are creating a business page, then you can either use a picture of your product, or of your brand, office premises, an attractive worker, or any other thing that works for you. The important issue is to make sure that you use an engaging picture.

3. Biography
The last aspect you will be working on in your profile is your biography. Here too, you have to be engaging. Your biography should be well though-out and meaningful, it should be able to convey a positive and compelling enough image about you, to make the visitors to both like you and to be willing to follow you, and also engage with you later on.

4. Define You Image
This is another important aspect of creating an appealing and compelling personality on Instagram. Unless your plan is to buy Instagram followers, you will need to have a defined focus or message, something that you are known for, a niche. This is important as it will convey the personality behind the profile, the voice with which you reach out to the world. It will be evident in the kind of photos you post, the filters you use on the images, and the overall conversation you inspire. When you have your image in place, it will serve as a guideline for your future posts and interactions on the social network. This means that you will be known for either posting funny images, interesting pictures or thought-provoking photographs e.t.c.

5. Practice Taking Photos
It is important that you understand the art of photography, because posting crappy snapshots on Instagram will most probably not help in making you instafamous. In order to make it on Instagram, you will first have to learn to take good pictures. you must know that it is better to not post anything, than to post a photo that is simply not good. Once you know how to take good pictures, you will need about 20 to 30 good pictures in your profile first, because this will increase the odds of someone following you.

6. Filters & Processing
Another aspect of your Instagram Image is the type of processing you use on your photos. Although what you basically need to attract followers is simply good photos, it still does not hurt to have a certain style of photo processing, or to stand out in one way or the other. There are lots and lots of image filters on Instagram, that you can use to modify an image. Many types of effects are possible, ranging from simple contrast filters, to more advanced ones that either focus on one color or a group of colors to create a wide variety of effects.

Is is advisable to get to know a few of these filters and to understand what you can do with them. The important thing to note is that they are best used in moderation, so avoid increasing the filter’s strength. You may also practice reducing the default strength of a filter or simply play around a bit, until you get a hang of it. Some of the interesting filters you can try out for color modification are Reyes, Claredon, Aden, Hudson, Perpetua and plenty more. You may even find a filter that you totally love and if you use it on all your photos, your image will be subtly, but surely more defined.

After the creation of a perfect image, the next aspect of becoming Instafamous is the promotion of your profile and your photos. In order to achieve this, you will have to utilize hashtags and captions, as well as mingle with as much people as you can. There are specific ways of getting social in a rewarding manner on Instagram, but first, let’s take a look at hashtags and captions.

Hashtags are any single words that begin with a the hash ‘#’ character. They are used for classifying or categorizing posts and pictures. By understanding the use of hashtags, you can tap into different pools of interested or targeted Instagram users, thereby exposing yourself or your brand image to them. There are two types of hashtags, there is general or broad hashtags like #instagood, #fun, #tbt, #photooftheday e.t.c. and then there are more specific ones like #believeinyourself or #workfromhome.

Captions refer to the text of any of your Instagram posts. It is important to understand that the appeal of your post or photo has a lot to do with the descriptive text you add to it. A person may be drawn in to view a post because of an image, but it is the quality of the text that will further determine if the observer’s interest will be further deepened or not. So unless you plan to buy Instagram followers, you will always have to take your time to add an interesting and informative caption to your pictures.

Step By Step Promotion Plan

The following steps should be included in your everyday activities on Instagram, in order to steadily boost your popularity. None of the steps are more important than the others, so you should endeavor to use each of them as often as possible. This way, you will be guaranteed ever more and more followers.

1. Creative Hashtags
You have to be creative with your hashtag usage. No two pictures are the same, so it doesn’t also make sense to always use the same set of hashtags for all your photos. Be creative, think for a while, and determine how best to properly describe, or categorize your images. You should also take care to not overuse hashtags, a few descriptive hashtags are usually enough, then you may add some general ones or even any personal tags you came up with by yourself.

2. Captions
The caption is your opportunity to include a little story telling into your post. Human beings are emotional animals and can never get enough of interesting stories. So add some descriptive text to your photo, and then blend in an engaging story if possible, followed by your call to action. If you get this right, then you will increase the level of engagement of your followers, and also increasing thereby the benefits you are deriving from being Instafamous. Many corporations have used this tactic successfully to develop a large base of followers. A perfect example is National Geographic, with its over 50 million Instagram followers.

3. Posting
You will have to develop a posting routine. you may decide to make it a daily or weekly routine, just make sure that you stick to it. If you do decide to post more often, then about 6 hours should be the minimum interval between your posts, else you just may be over-posting. It is much better and rewarding, to post a quality picture every once in a while, than to keep posting uninteresting or even totally rubbish pictures. So take your time and plan everything ahead. Research the hashtags and know which ones would be the most appropriate. This way, you will more and better followers who will truly have an interest in the content that you provide.

4. Socializing
Instagram is basically a social network, so it does have provisions for socializing. The good news here is that socializing on Instagram will also help to boost your popularity immensely. To become instafamous therefore, you must comment a lot on the profiles of other users, especially those who post similar images to yours. Be engaging with your own and be responsive. Follow those that follow other posters of pictures that share a similarity with your own pictures, and finally try to join any contests or any other event that might increase your exposure.

5. Follow Big Fish
Get the profile info of any major influencer in your space, visit the profile and “Turn On Post Notifications”. Do this for as much people as you need. It will help you to interact with those who already have a wide reach, and thereby increasing your exposure.

6. Approve Tags first
You can set your profile to only allow photos to show on it only after you have approved it. This serves to keep your profile tidy and in alignment with the image you want to project on Instagram.

7. Engage
Don’t just post things and expect people to figure out what you need from them. You always have to remember the call to action. It could be subtle or very direct, depending on the tone of your post, the important thing is that a call to action is present. Your call to action might be a request to share the post, or it could be a request to visit a particular web-page, whatever it is, just make it count because the call to action is one of the main benefits of popularity.

8. Use extra Tools to promote
There are plenty of external tools that you can also use to promote your Instagram profile or posts. You can link your Instagram account for example, to Google+ or to twitter. This way, many of your friends or acquaintances of these other social networks will see your posts and know that you are on Instagram. They may even share those posts, thereby widening your reach. There are also third party websites like Nitrogram and InstaStock that you can use to further expand your exposure.


The preceding guide has hopefully revealed the tips and important information you need to cultivate your own massive Instagram follower base and become instafamous in the process. You can either choose to adhere to this guide or choose to buy Instagram followers, the choice is yours. The world belongs to those who take action, and Instagram fame can also be yours if you can decide to start taking action today, based on the information you just received.
To your fame!