In today’s’ real world, socialites have opted to be famous starlets by using Instagram platform for social media. Being a social influencer in this parlance of time has always been determined by the popularity of a through number game of people following you. If one has an illustrious pedigree in their lifestyle, he or she normally has substantial influence over the followers. Trendsetters have decided to be insta-famous stars by letting their money as well as their influence grows from there.

Arguably, most Instagrammers work harder day and night to maintain and increase their influencer status by posting pictures about their design, trends, and even wealth. This lures many people to follow them since they become people’s idols.With just a phone and internet access, you can easily post your lavish debutante lifestyle on Instagram to become a trendsetter.
Since many people who like to show off their vintage outfit look on Instagram, using Instagram filters has become the order of the day. From previous research, it has been proven that people who use warm Instagram filtersin their photos get most comments and likes not leaving behind followers. Let us thank science for giving this incredible feature in Instagram.
Getting Instagram filters on your device
Whetting your filter addiction on Instagram can be a difficult task to do on your own. That is why I have come with a shortcut on getting one in your iPhones and Android devices. Here is a list of how to get one;
1. Use Pixr-o-matic for your chosen platform. It is characterized with quality filters and some frame effects. It exists as a free version and subscribed version. One can photo stream the photo using it and then import it into the Instagram app.
2. PicsPlay. Unfortunately, it runs only on Android devices, but it has significant effects when making your picture look subtle and bolder.
3. Streamzoo. Runs both on Android and iPhone devices. It has a broad variety of features which offer high-quality effects. Photo streaming your photos to Instagram is easier when using this app.
4. The 100 cameras in 1.
As the names depict, it has over 100 filtering effects which make it sound unique. You can export directly to Instagram after editing the picture.

Using Instagram filters to get more likes and followers
Use modern filters that will make your photos look unique. Filters like Early-bird, Valencia, and Aviary, are commonly used because of their quality work.
You can also use popular apps in your phone device to make your photos more special and appealing. You should note that over using the filters can make your pictures less attractive. Use it moderately to get more like and followers.
Types of Instagram filters
Lark- brightens your image. Good for outdoor portraits
Amaro-This filter adds light to the picture with the focus being at the center. Street photography and fall photos.
Brannan- Adds contrast, exposure and adds metallic tint. Idealistic for cruising in the sea.
Earlybird-This gives photographs a first look
Hefe-High contrast and saturation. Makes hills, valleys and peaks much clear and bolder.
Hudson-Creates an appealing illusion with shadows, a cool tint, and a dodged center. It is effective when taking photos of limestone buildings, city streets, and monuments.
Nashville- Reduces contrast effect and increases exposure giving a faded pink tint
Kelvin- Increases temperature saturation thus giving it a gloomy glow.
Inkwell- It directly shifts to color black and white. Perfect in the polar.
Lo-fi- Enriches color sharpness and shadows via the use of temperature saturation.
Mayfair- Applies clear pink tone, subtleness to the photographing center and applies a thinner border. Use it for brightly lit photos.
Rise- Adds the glow effect to the image. Portrait pictures use this.
Sierra- gives a soft tender look. Is applied in making African landscape appear smoother.
Sutro- increases shadows on edges and highlights mostly purple-brown borders . Useful in a rainforest effect making it more dramatic.
Valencia-Fades the image by adding charming colors
Walden- Increases clarity as well as adding a yellow tint
Willow- Is a filter with saturated subtle purple tones with translucent white border
X-Pro II- Increases color vibrancy with a golden hue, increased vignette features is added to all of its edges. Fashion, city, and nature.
Cream- Warms and at the same time cools the image. Mainly used in food shots.
Ludwig- Brings desaturation effect that enhances light. Good for cityscape and sunsets
Perpetua- This filter adds a pastel look and enhances the green and yellow tones. It is best for picture editing.
Aden- It gives blue and green natural look making it useful in pimping portraits.
Slumber- Desaturates the image by bringing black and blue colors clearly.
Reyes- Desaturates and brightens your image. Good for hiding blemishes on your skin
How to apply Instagram filters to your photograph
What you need is; a smartphone, iPhone, tablet or just a desktop to implement filters for your photos
1. With your great, quality photo tap next, then tap the filter that you want to apply
2. If you want to adjust the filter strength tap the filter again by either scrolling up and down using the slider given
3. Tap ‘done’ to save your changes
4. Press next to add a caption and location and share your beatified and modified photo!

instagram-filters (1)

How do Instagram filters work
Instagram filters are programmed algorithms which follow particular commands to change the color and contrast of the picture.
Instagram filters can be divided into four processing steps.
a). Performs color transformation from the predecessor picture pixel by pixel thus increasing contrast . Pixels at different positions should be noted that do not affect each other. Color expressions can be expressed as:
In the above expressions, Rxy stands for the red channel value of a pixel at position(x9y)in the original image in the range 0 to 255 mapping array and Rxy means that in the goal picture.
This decode procedure can simplify upon using only one gray image if you want to make an approximate approach
b) Overlay a circle back- group png image- This creates a vignette effect. This step is used only in some Instagram filters
c) Overlay a png background image as beautiful grain. This move is used in few filters
d) Add a border or frame. This step is the easiest to understand as just it is a framework that is applied.

By using the right filter, indeed you can move the mass into liking your photos and soon then you can realize they will be your followers. Research has also shown that upon using the right Instagram filters, there are chances in an increase of exposure effect to your eyes thus bringing the sensation of cheerfulness.